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Offensive Waste Collection

Nappy Waste also known as an "offensive waste", non-infectious waste such as nappies, sanitary waste and incontinence products need to be handled in compliance with current Environmental Protection Act 1990 waste legislation.

Although not generally harmful to human health, non-infectious wastes should be handled correctly under Duty of Care.

A safe and hygienic nappy bin service is vital in any washroom facility.

This ensures that sensitive waste is disposed of and managed with care and in accordance to this legislation.

Customers and staff are supplied with a well maintained clean environment to use or work.

Norwich washroom services can provide your business with a waste disposal service including:

Safe storage of waste, licensed transportation of the waste and disposal of the waste.

We offer a range of baby care services and products for families using your washroom facilities.

The nappy disposal service is for the disposal of 180104 waste including nappies and incontinence pads from baby changing rooms, children's nurseries and care homes etc., allowing you to dispose of your waste conveniently and hygienically.

We provide the following solutions:

Working together we can provide the solution that fits around your needs, supplying a reliable, compliant waste disposal service.

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Offensive Waste

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